Adopt your own truffle tree and we will put your name on it
and we deliver the first perigord Truffle to you. 

Sensitive Souls Truffiere
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Sensitive Souls Truffiere
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Our Mission Statement: To build a symbiotic relationship with our customers, our local environment, and the communities we are in, leading us to become the premium company in North America for cultivated truffles, while maintaining the highest quality products, and with excellent customer service.

We are establishing ourselves as an agricultural retail business by growing, harvesting, and selling our own cultivated truffles and fresh Oregon white and black truffles both retail and wholesale. Starting with the Perigord black truffle (aka French truffle or the black diamond of the gourmet world) and building on each success with further truffieres and diversity with the Bianchetto truffle (aka Tuber Borchii, Italian spring white truffle) and the Burgundy truffle (Tuber Uncinatum).

Truffles are a mushroom that have evolved to grow underground and have built a special symbiotic relationship with their host trees as, compared to most mushrooms which grow above the ground. This has led them to be very unique in their qualities of aroma, texture, and flavor. Its created an almost cult like following of foodies. Because of the rarity of truffles growing in only a few select places in the world have made them extremely prized for their culinary values.

Due to truffles very strong aroma and flavor, one only needs a small amount of shaved into a meal will change it from a simple meal to a mouth watering masterpiece that a person will be so happy to enjoy or share with friends and family. They are used in many meat dishes and compliment any meal that uses a fat or oil, because the flavors infuse themselves so well into the dish this way. 

The famous Perigord black truffle has been growing wild the southern regions of France. They have been found for centuries with the help of female hogs, with them harvesting 1800 tons per season during the peak times. Now, due to 2 world wars, environmental changes, and city growth, many of the areas where they were harvested have now been lost. Today, less than 20 tons per year are harvested.  With all of the culinary traits mixed with little availability has made all truffles very highly demanded.

Truffles are all shaped differently and covered in a rough skin with knobs or bumps all over them and have the texture similar to a potato with the most desired sizes ranging between 25 and 200 grams. When truffles are opened up to reveal their interior, you will see a black or crème colored flesh with marbling of white veins inside.  

Depending on which part of the season they are harvested, truffles can have a musky aroma and flavor in the beginning and more of a sweet smell and fruity flavor towards the season's end. Many people have described the aroma and flavor as erotic, and intoxicating. I recommend trying them in dishes that you love and let your taste buds experience a whole new level of excellence. 

 The Oregon Black and White Truffles

The Oregon truffles are said to rival the flavors of their famous European cousins, but because of poor harvesting methods early in the truffle industry, Oregon truffles have gotten  a reputation for poor quality. However, only because a lot of the immature truffles where being put on the market that had not reached their ripeness. Through years of better harvesting methods, and a keen interest in quality, Oregon is again putting Oregon truffles back onto the culinary map where they, now deserve a place among the best. There was a blind taste test done a couple of years ago with the Oregon white truffle against the Italian Alba truffle and many choose the Oregon truffle.

The Oregon black truffles (Leucangia carthusiana) have a distinctive look with a rough exterior like the Perigord truffle, yet a complex aroma, with a hint of tropical fruit, often described as pineapple or banana flavor. They lend themselves well to many hearty meat-based dishes and to delicate desserts. This type of truffle is found deeper in the earth than the Oregon white and are known to be harder to find so it is best that they are harvested by trained dog. 

The Oregon White (Tuber oregonense) ranges in color from a yellowish-white to a brownish-red. The surface of the truffle is smooth, and has a strong garlic like aroma. Both species of Oregon truffles are found fresh from the months of December to March in the foothills of Oregon. You can also enjoy them after the season through truffle salts, truffle butter, infused oil, and frozen. 

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